Busywood: the best Montessori beds for newborns and toddlers

We are here to make your parenting experience enjoyable and your kid's childhood exciting and rewarding. That is why we create infant Montessori beds and other furniture that help to organize a children's room according to the principles and approaches to the education of Dr. Maria Montessori. 

We implement ideas that help create a developing environment where every child feels free and autonomous, believes in their strengths, and improves their skills step by step. This furniture will be the first push for the child to take initiative and develop at their own pace, using our furniture, and relying on the help and support of parents and older siblings.

What is special about Montessori frame beds from Busywood?

Based on the Montessori approach to education, we design and handcraft Montessori infant beds and nursery furniture that meet the idea of creating a free and cognitive environment.

We test every product you see in our assortment, and we consider it the highest quality indicator that each member of our team chooses these products for their children. So, we can safely say that Montessori bed frames have been tested by our kids, so we are sure that your little ones will love them too.

Features of Montessori beds and other furniture in the Busywood shop

Each floor bed, bookshelf, or study table is the handiwork of our diligent and talented craftsmen. We are proud that these are eco-friendly products that are safe for your children by all criteria:

  • All Montessori newborn beds and nursery furniture are made of natural wood;
  • We use only non-toxic finishing materials, both varnishes and water-based paints, which are guaranteed not to harm the health of babies and are suitable even for children prone to allergic reactions;
  • The craftsmen carefully grind each part so that it does not have a single notch, and cannot drive the rolling pin under ‌delicate baby skin.
  • We use only high-quality hardware that can last a lifetime.

And the most important thing is that we create each product with love and care, helping to raise a generation of talented, happy, and self-confident kids. These are children who know what they like from an early age, know how to make decisions, take responsibility, and do not know unnecessary restrictions, because they grow up in a safe and trusting atmosphere.

What furniture does Busywood offer?

Our shop offers children's beds and other furniture made of natural wood. Every option is designed according to Dr. Montessori's approach to arranging a sleeping place for a child.

Wood Montessori beds: features and benefits

On these pages, you will find Montessori beds for newborns and playpens, as well as platform frame beds for toddlers. For children 6-12 y. o., we have options in different sizes: from little Montessori cots to exciting Montessori stylish beds in full, twin, queen, or king sizes.

Since the Montessori approach means giving the child autonomy from an early age, our Montessori floor bed models fully comply with these principles. The child can climb to the platform low-to-ground bed without help, as easily as he can get out of it to play, drink water, go to the restroom, etc. At the same time, adults do not have to constantly fulfill the child's whims, because, due to the Montessori frame bed, toddlers can cope with elementary tasks on their own.

It often happens that the kids wake up early, and need to call their parents for help and cry because they want to start the day, bored with waiting. Here the wood Montessori beds come in handy again, because the toddlers can get out of bed by themselves when they want to. 

Children are extremely active during the day, but there are periods of intense fatigue: understanding these signals of their body, the baby can decide on the need for rest. In this way, the toddlers learn to understand their body's signals, and gradually form healthy sleep habits.

Nursery furniture 

We offer wardrobes and houses for tomorrow's clothes, bookshelves, and learning tables. All this will help to organize the functional space of the children's room, aimed at the development of the child's skills and abilities.

Our goal is to help you create a safe and comfortable environment for your kids and make your parenting experience enjoyable, easy, and exciting. And we sincerely believe that due to floor-platform beds and furniture at the level of children's height, this dream comes true.

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Your feedbacks inspire us to improve our workshop

Children and parents choose Montessori beds because they can complement the design of any room. The bed's design will add uniqueness to any child's room. Make your child's life a little brighter and more active.

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Thanks for trusting us the highest value - your children!

The bed will create a fabulous mood for your child. Well, when else, if not in childhood, imagine yourself as a princess or a prince in your own castle?:) And what can be cozier than your own house? We all dream about it. And children are no exception.

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Why should you choose us?

The bed is made of high-quality natural alder wood. The slats are made of high class polished birch plywood.

We use eco-friendly, water-based paints, and varnishes for coating. It does not cause any allergic reactions, does not emit any harmful substances. It is absolutely safe for children. They can lick this product and bite it. And there is no need to worry about their health because we already took care of everything.

All parts of the products are manually polished with great care. We make sure that everything is brought to perfect condition.

Montessori bed is not only a place to sleep and rest, but also a developing space and a playground for sports. Thanks to the strong beams, children can easily climb and pull themselves up on their "house", like real monkeys.

Your Child's First Real Estate: Transforming Dreams into Reality with Our Bed Houses

Transform your child's room into a magical space with our charming collection of children's bed houses. Designed to spark imagination and create a cozy haven, our bed houses make your child the proud owner of their very own real estate.

Crafted with premium materials and adhering to the highest safety standards, our bed houses provide a secure and comfortable space for your child to sleep, play, and dream. Browse our collection today and let the magic begin!

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Quality comes first

All our furniture is made of high-quality wood, which makes it absolutely hypoallergenic.
As the founder of our company says: “We want toddlers to be active and, that is why, strong and develop their physical abilities in the times of constant digitalization. We put our big goal in creating eco-friendly and absolutely safe products. That is why, we use only water-based lacquer and paints, which are completely safe for the children: even if they bite furniture, it will never bring allergic reactions. "

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