Wood Bed with Headboard

Wood Bed with Headboard

A platform bed with a headboard is a stylish and practical low-profile bed frame for the mattress to rest on, combined with a headboard at the top. They follow the principles of the Montessori educational philosophy and allow children to be independent and make their own decisions.

What is a platform bed with a headboard?

A platform bed with a headboard will serve the child not only for sleep and rest but also for developing their sensory, motor skills, and imagination. Since the platform bed with headboard is as close as possible to the floor, it does not limit the child in making independent decisions about the time of rest and waking up. It also allows parents to be more free and calm because the safe space of the room helps the child to play even without their active participation.

When is the perfect time to use a floor bed with a headboard?

Each family decides the best time to transfer a child to a platform bed frame with a headboard independently, focusing on the individual characteristics and needs of a particular child. Some do not even use a cradle and choose the platform bed with a headboard option, providing the baby with comfortable and safe conditions from the first months of life. It is more convenient for other parents to offer the child a separate sleep in a high platform bed with a headboard from the moment when the baby begins to actively crawl. Others wait till a baby makes the first attempts to stand up and walk: from 5 to 10 months.

Whenever this decision comes into your family, it's a useful and simple idea. The high headboard platform bed promotes active independent development according to the philosophy of Dr. Montessori, which is focused on the fact that children can be autonomous. The main thing is to always focus on the specific needs, inclinations, abilities, and individual pace of the baby's development.

What are the main advantages of a platform bed frame with a headboard?

The main advantages of such beds are obtained due to the main part of the structure: a strong wood platform bed frame with a house-shaped headboard, perfect finishing, and impeccable product quality. Also, the headboard enhances the aesthetic appeal of a floor bed and ties the room's decor together.

And the most important thing is that this bed is at the level of the child and within its reach, which helps the baby to develop based on its own experience. A floor bed with a headboard in the children's room creates an impeccable atmosphere so that the child learns to track the signs of fatigue and can rest even if the parents are not around.

How to arrange the room and the bed?

Maria Montessori advocated that the entire space in which the child is located should be equipped and prepared for their activities. Therefore, it is worth taking care not only about choosing a natural wood platform bed with a headboard, but also concentrating efforts on creating a safe environment that meets the needs of the child.

  • Take care of a warm carpet on the floor in case the child still gets out of bed and tries to go on their first trip, albeit limited to the area of their own room.
  • If your house is in a humid climate, it is better to pick a high-platform bed frame with a headboard. It provides air circulation under the mattress and thus protects the room from the appearance of mold, which is extremely dangerous to health.
  • If sockets or electrical appliances are within reach of a child, use childproofing.

Finally, add to the room all those elements that will help create a stimulating space for learning, rest, active development, and self-organization of the child. It can be other furniture created according to the principles of Montessori education, as well as safe toys, books, and materials for creativity.

The best wood platform beds with headboard options

The floor bed headboard for toddlers has a minimalist and simple design. You can select a bed in any color that best matches the design of the room: natural wood, pastel shades, or the classic black color of the frame. At the same time, for the smallest users, our store offers beds with bars that resemble a playpen. This is an ideal space for babies because they are not at risk of rolling out or getting any other injuries.
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