Square Shaped Bed

Square Shaped Bed

A square-shaped bed is a section that combines many interesting options of beds for both the smallest users and teenagers. The square cot bed will be the first place of rest for your baby, harmoniously fitting with the approaches to the education of Dr. Maria Montessori. She was the first to speak about the need to create a free space for developing a child's autonomy, encouraging initiative, and improving skills and natural abilities. So our store offers you not just beds, but a design that corresponds to this philosophy.

What is a square bed?

A Montessori square bedding is a special type of bed that consists of a mattress on the floor, standing on a frame. It allows children to be more independent, and to have new experiences that help them grow and develop. The Montessori bed is not high, so children can easily get into it without having to climb or jump. It gives them initiative and strength as they are free to move and explore.

Who does a square cot bed fit?

The Montessori square bed is perfect for children from 0 to 12 years old. Typically, parents choose this option for kids about 1-6 y.o. It is significant to consider a kid’s development, readiness for a new bed, and other factors when transferring a child from a cradle to a small square bed. The best moment is when the child can already sit up, move, and sit up independently. For safety, you can select beds with rails to prevent accidental rolling.

Sometimes the same bed serves from the earliest age of a child to teenager age. This way a kid gets used to one sleeping place and feels it really safe space while parents are not forced to buy a new bed every few years, rearrange the children's room, etc. However, it is a great way to save money.

Why is this option really great one?

A Montessori bed square can be beneficial for your child's development. When kids are in a crib with uprights, they cannot interact with the world around them, which can dampen their curiosity. However, if the baby lies on the bed on the floor, they can act on their impulses, exploring and adapting to the environment. It promotes the development of self-confidence, teaches relying on one's strengths, and constantly exploring the surrounding space. The Montessori bed becomes a “home base” for the children, allowing them to freely get acquainted with the world around them.

The main benefits you may know

Our store offers you options for beds that meet the standards and requirements for children's furniture. Therefore, all the proposed models have a different design, but some common characteristics:

  • All models are made of natural wood;
  • The surface is reliably sanded manually so that not a single notch can damage the baby's delicate skin;
  • For finishing, we use exclusively non-toxic materials and water-based paints that are safe for health;
  • Before a certain bed model appears in the assortment, we test it for strength, because we understand that toddlers love to do the same: hanging on the rails, standing on them, jumping, etc.

How to arrange the room and the bed?

The square bed is best integrated into a Scandinavian-style room as this style of children's rooms best matches the Montessori philosophy: neutral colors, simplicity of lines, practicality, freedom, and uncluttered space. So, you can draw ideas for room decoration from this style.

In general, we recommend taking care of safety as a priority: close sockets that the baby can reach, put child protection on the windows, etc. It is much more important than style elements. 

However, we still have a few tips. To create a calm atmosphere, use natural materials such as wood, and natural fibers instead of plastic if possible. Do not forget about practicality — think about how your child will use the room and arrange it accordingly. Consider using a play mat or mat where they can play with their blocks.

The best square-shaped beds in our shop

  1. Small square bed for your little one. It has slats and rails to protect babies and to help them use this space like a playpen as they're growing up.
  2. Square headboard bed that every toddler would like as it creates an adventuring and fascinating atmosphere.
  3. Square king-size bed for kids up to 12-14 y.o. gives a lot of space to rest and to sleep in any convenient position.

Which one do you like the best?

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