The importance of choosing the right floor bed for the child's development according to the Montessori method

The importance of choosing the right floor bed for the child's development according to the Montessori method

The Montessori philosophy revolves around several core principles, with a central emphasis on the child's intrinsic desire to learn and explore. Independence, freedom within limits, respect for the kid, and a prepared environment are fundamental tenets of Montessori education. The choice of a floor bed aligns with these principles by providing a safe and accessible sleeping space where a child can exercise autonomy in their daily routines.

Montessori believed that the environment significantly influences a kid's development. The careful design of the surroundings, including furniture choices, plays a pivotal role in shaping their independence and skills. A floor bed, with its low height and accessibility, allows the little one to take charge of their sleep routine, fostering a sense of responsibility and self-sufficiency from an early age.

The Role of Floor Beds According to the Montessori Method

Floor beds provide a designated space for rest and sleep within the prepared environment. Unlike traditional cribs or raised beds, platform beds are easily accessible to the kids, allowing them to enter and exit independently. This freedom of movement contributes to the developing sense of spatial awareness and coordination.

Semi-Soft Platform Beds: Advantages and Features

Semi-soft beds, characteristic of Montessori floor beds, provide a comfortable yet supportive surface for sleep. Unlike traditional crib mattresses, semi-soft beds placed directly on the floor offer a more natural sleep environment. This closeness to the floor reinforces the child's connection to their surroundings, promoting a sense of security and comfort crucial for healthy sleep patterns.

  • The bed's low height encourages independent entry and exit, fostering self-care skills. 
  • The child learns to make choices related to their sleep routine, contributing to a sense of autonomy. 
  • The absence of crib rails promotes a feeling of freedom, reinforcing the Montessori philosophy of respecting the toddlers' natural instincts and developmental pace.

So, floor beds not only provide a comfortable and accessible sleeping space but also play a crucial role in nurturing a child's independence and self-care skills from an early age.

Floor Beds at offers a range of Montessori-inspired floor beds for kids. They have various designs, such as monkey beds, teepee beds, and house-shaped beds, that promote creativity and physical activity. The beds are made with non-toxic materials and natural woods like beech and alder.

The floor beds offered by are meticulously designed to adhere to the Montessori principles of independence, freedom of movement, and a prepared environment. 

  • Monkey beds encourage physical activity and play, allowing kids to develop motor skills and coordination within the confines of their sleeping space. This thoughtful approach ensures that each gym bed contributes positively to a child's overall development.
  • House-shaped beds serve as both a functional sleep area and a playhouse, promoting creativity and imaginative play. They provide a secure and inviting environment for toddlers to enjoy bedtime stories and play.
  • Beds with rails provide a secure sleep space for children, preventing accidental falls and giving parents peace of mind. They are ideal for transitioning from a crib and suitable for those who need extra protection.
  • Teepee beds are playful and adventurous. They offer a comfortable sleep environment and inspire imaginative play, making bedtime exciting for children who love camping or have a fascination with tents.
  • Playpen beds are versatile and multifunctional, combining a traditional bed with playpen features. They have adjustable sides that can act as barriers or be lowered for easy access and are suitable for both sleep and play. Parents appreciate the flexibility; these beds are great for creating a safe play space in the child's room.

You can find these and other bed options in any color and choose the perfect solution that will appeal to toddlers and seamlessly blend into your interior. All beds are coated with non-toxic varnish or water-based paints, which are odorless and free from volatile compounds. Therefore, whichever bed option you choose from the available range it is guaranteed to be an excellent, safe, and practical choice.

How to Choose the Perfect Floor Bed for Your Child?

Choosing the ideal floor bed involves considering various factors. Bed sizes and shapes should align with the child's age and physiological needs. For toddlers, safety is a priority, making models with rails or playpen beds suitable choices. Older children may benefit from monkey beds or gym beds, promoting physical activity and a sense of autonomy.'s wide selection allows parents to tailor their choice according to their child's unique requirements.

Consideration of Bed Sizes and Shapes

The size and shape of a floor bed play a crucial role in its suitability for a child. provides a range of options to accommodate different age groups and room sizes. The consideration of dimensions ensures that the bed complements the available space while providing ample room for the child to sleep comfortably and move freely.

Taking Into Account the Child's Age and Physiology When Choosing

Understanding the developmental stage and physiological needs of a child is essential when selecting a floor bed. acknowledges these considerations by offering beds suitable for various age groups. Toddler beds focus on safety, incorporating rails and secure designs, while beds for older children emphasize physical activity and creative play. The assortment also includes large-sized square beds suitable for teenagers and even adults. Therefore, parents can also choose a comfortable option for healthy sleep for themselves.

Environmental Cleanliness and Safety values environmental cleanliness and safety in all of our production processes. We use premium-quality birch plywood for slats, water-based paints, and ecological, non-toxic varnish that meet international quality standards. We are committed to providing a bed that is eco-friendly and safe for children's health.

We adhere to stringent safety standards while designing and manufacturing our beds with children's well-being in mind. This commitment ensures that our floor beds meet international safety requirements. Parents can trust that they have chosen a safe and reliable bed for their child.

Parents have given positive feedback about's floor beds. These beds are comfortable and safe, encouraging creativity, independence, and overall development. Read more reviews on certain product pages to get more information from the real experience of using this or that item from the store. 

Tips for Caring for a Floor Bed

Montessori platform beds will serve longer due to proper maintenance and care. 

  1. Regularly wipe down the bed frame, slats, and any accessories with a soft, damp cloth to keep it free from dirt.
  2. When cleaning, opt for mild, non-toxic cleaning solutions. Harsh chemicals can damage the wood finish and may be harmful to the child's health. Water-based, eco-friendly cleaners are ideal for maintaining a safe and clean sleeping environment.
  3. To ensure even wear and tear on the mattress, regularly rotate and flip the mattress. This practice helps maintain its integrity, preventing sagging and extending its overall lifespan.
  4. If the floor bed includes accessories such as rails or play elements, check them periodically to ensure they are securely attached. Tighten any loose screws or bolts to maintain stability and safety.
  5. Educate the child on how to use the floor bed appropriately. Discourage jumping or rough play on the bed to prevent unnecessary stress on the frame or slats.
  6.  Keep the floor bed in a well-ventilated room with stable temperature and humidity levels. Avoid placing the bed directly in sunlight, as prolonged exposure may cause the wood to fade.

Caring for a Montessori-inspired floor bed involves a combination of regular cleaning, preventive maintenance, and environmental considerations. By following these tips and instructions, parents can create a conducive and hygienic sleeping environment while preserving the longevity and quality of the floor bed. This approach not only enhances the child's well-being but also ensures that the floor bed remains a durable and aesthetically pleasing element in the nursery.


Floor beds are a great option for nurseries as they offer a comfortable and easily accessible sleeping space for children. These beds are placed directly on the floor, which promotes a sense of security and comfort, essential for healthy sleep patterns. The bed's low height encourages independent entry and exit, which helps develop self-care skills and instill a sense of autonomy in children. These Montessori beds are not only safe and stable but also engaging. They often come with additional features such as rails, ladders, climbing walls, and other elements that make them cozy and comfortable, as well as fun for kids to play on.


What are the advantages of using a floor bed for the development of a child according to the Montessori method?

Floor beds, aligned with the Montessori method, enable independent use and contribute to easier sleep initiation. Many models double as a sports playground, offering toddlers a space for various physical activities. Beds with rails are easily customizable, allowing for personal decoration and expression.


What specific Montessori principles influence the choice of a floor bed for a child's room?

The Montessori bed teaches kids independence, encourages adherence to a daily routine, and instills responsibility for personal space, including making their bed. The use of natural materials, like wood, aligns with Montessori's focus on a child-friendly environment that prioritizes safety and health.


What recommendations do you have for choosing the size of a floor bed so that it meets the age and physiological needs of the child?

The size of a floor bed should cater to the child's preferences and temperament. Some children prefer more space, while others find comfort in a snug sleeping area. Age is a factor, as toddlers may outgrow the appeal of a confined sleeping space, emphasizing the importance of selecting a size that suits the child's evolving needs.


How to choose a bed that supports the principles of independence and self-reliance, which is important for the Montessori method?

No matter which bed you choose from the assortment, you can't go wrong. The entire range is created with consideration of the Montessori methodology. However, it's important to consider the child's preferences, the available space in the child's room, and choose a design and color that the child likes and fits into the interior. Regarding everything else, has already taken care of it: all models are made from natural wood, sturdy, reliable, environmentally friendly, and safe.


Why are floor beds an important element for the formation of self-care skills and independence of a child?

A preschool-aged child spends a significant amount of time in their bed: resting, reading, playing, and even sleeping for more extended hours. Additionally, the sleep routine significantly influences the child's well-being – how they wake up, go to bed, in what atmosphere, and with whose assistance. It's excellent when children can lie down and wake up on their own, as it teaches them to listen to their body signals, recognize fatigue, and get out of bed when well-rested, not when allowed by adults. All of this contributes to the development of an independent and confident personality from an early age.

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