Toddler House bed Playpen Natural color | 75x54 in (Model 6)

Toddler House bed Playpen Natural color | 75x54 in (Model 6)

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PRICE is only for one Wooden Floor Bed without Slats, Natural color, 75x54 in. 

NOTE Mattress, mattress base and bed clothing are not included in price.

The following model of the bed is the floor type bed, which has no slats underneath. But if you want to add the slated option to your order choose Slats

✭ We recommend using mattress with a thickness of 20 cm / 7,9 in.

✭ At this listing, you can buy a bed in Natural color with a design like in a photo.

✭ Safety and Usage Information

● Watch Your Children during active play on the bed frame!
● Meets The Safety Standards For Kids Furniture
● This Item Does Not Contain Any Dangerous Chemical Elements
● Store in a dry place. Do not drop. Indoor use only. Our warranty does not cover replacement in the event of improper storage or use.
● Sold disassembled, assembly required. Tools included.
● 2 years warranty.

NOTE please that climbing on the upper beam of the house top is not recommended in the following model.

Please note that the door's side and the direction of its opening can be placed on your choice - either on the right or on the left. We offer you the flexibility to configure the playpen as per your convenience for optimal use in your space.

✦ The bed is made of high-quality natural alder wood. We use eco-friendly varnishes for coating. All components do not emit harmful substances and are non-allergenic. All parts of the product are polished by hands, therefore, we are sure that the beds are in perfect condition.

Beds sizes depend on the size of a mattress:
Size for USA: Full size | 75 x 54 in 

✦ The kids' Montessori Bed is an integral and super fun part of the Montessori Bedroom. This bed enables freedom of movement, independence, and mobility of the child. Children can explore the environment, wake up and move around without the possibility of falling off the bed.

✦ This children's bedroom furniture is a great helper for parents. The furniture design is suitable not only for sleeping but also able to satisfy the child’s need to climb and play.

✦ A little child can independently reach the crib without the help of parents and climb on it whenever he wants. Older children can play and climb on the bed as on a playground.

✦ A bed gives your child an opportunity to develop healthy sleep habits, feel comfortable and happy every day.


We are prepared and send orders from Monday to Friday, not including weekends.
We take full responsibility for the delivery. In case of damage or loss of goods, we will send you a new product.

Shipping to the United States takes 7-19 business days, shipping to Europe 9-19 business days (it takes a little more to Italy and Spain), to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia – 14 - 25 business days.
It should be remembered that during international transport there may be delays at customs.

Please NOTE the furniture has big sizes of the box and heavyweight of the package you can pay customs or import taxes. And Please Note the amount of taxes will depend on your country and its laws. We are not able to influence them.
The USA, EU member countries and Australia do not pay customs duties.

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