Montessori Toddler Floor Bed

Montessori Toddler Floor Bed

Maria Montessori's educational approach is based on the creation of a prepared and equipped environment according to the needs and level of development of the child. Floor beds help to create a useful environment for free play and healthy rest. Unlike the slatted traditional children's bed, the Montessori beds on the floor allow the child to look at the world without bars and barriers. It allows toddlers to rely on their impulses and continuously learn, taking advantage of their surroundings and the space in their room.

What is a Montessori floor bed?

Put simply, a Montessori floor bed is a low-to-the-ground bed that allows toddlers to get in and out of bed easily, promoting their freedom of movement and independence.

Main features of a floor bed

  • Universal minimalist design;
  • Strong and reliable frames made of natural wood;
  • Hand-crafted product;
  • Perfect grinding of the surface;
  • Non-toxic water-based paints and varnishes for finishing;
  • Many sizes and attractive models for any children's room;
  • A structure that promotes the development of sensory, motor, and practical skills.

Who does it fit?

Montessori wooden floor beds are best suited for infants and toddlers who are transitioning from a crib to a bed. They promote freedom of movement and a sense of security in kids. They are also a popular choice for parents who follow Montessori principles in their child's upbringing.

The best age to try an infant floor bed is typically around 6 months to 3 years old. It is a time when children begin to develop their motor skills and sense of independence. However, every child is unique, and some may be ready for a floor bed earlier or later than others. Ultimately, it is up to the parent to determine if their child is developmentally ready for it.

Key advantages of wooden floor bed

Full or king-size Montessori floor beds give the child the possibility to move and pick a comfortable sleeping position. Also, they allow children to spend time with their parents: reading together or just lying in bed and talking. If the child falls asleep, there is no need to change the place and transfer the baby to their cradle. Therefore, such a space creates the best prerequisites for healthy sleep, quality rest, and time spent with loved ones.

The Montessori bed on the floor is affordable and easy to assemble, even without assistance. At the same time, they are ecological, safe, and durable. They withstand even active games and climbing on the upper part of the handrails. The mattress platform serves as an additional safety measure because due to this, the child avoids injuries in the event of a fall.

How does a platform bed teach a child to go to sleep independently?

A bed on the floor is not a unique concept, but it gives the child initiative, trust from parents, and the right to make decisions and develop based on their experience. Such a bed does not limit the view of the room, motor activity, independence, or thirst for research.

When it's time to go to sleep, the child is invited to rest, not forced. At the same time, there is no need to go through the traditional pre-sleep parenting tests that almost every family faces. It means a circle of hell with the child asking to drink-pee-sing-play — anything, just to not go to sleep. By giving toddlers the freedom to fall asleep on their own in any comfortable position, you may find that your child has gotten out of bed and is just sleeping on the carpet. And this is a normal part of their journey to explore the surrounding world.

With this approach, children quickly associate the bed with a place of rest and sleep, gradually getting used to going to bed on their own when they are tired or sleepy.

How to arrange the room and the bed?

The space in the room should be in harmony with the needs and stages of the child's development. A Montessori bed on the floor allows children to get out of bed independently. So they get dressed and start their day without waiting for their parents to get them out of bed and help them. Therefore, the room should be as safe as possible for the child to stay for a certain time without supervision. It is usually more activity than required in a traditional nursery. It will be necessary to ensure that there are no spiky, cutting, or other dangerous objects in free access. Not only that, but it is worth installing latches on the windows and hiding the sockets.

Next to the bed, you can put a shelf with books and quiet toys, which the child can use before going to sleep or after waking up. You can also put a wardrobe with shelves and hangers at the height of the child so that the kid can choose the look for today. In this way, the child develops independence not only in sleep but also the rest of the time. It also increases the feeling of confidence in one's abilities and improves the ability to make one's own decisions.

Our favorite picks for toddler floor bed

Floor beds without slats

These are Scandinavian-style inspired beds with a minimalist design and a strong frame. They fully support the Montessori philosophy and approach to creating a practical and safe space in the children's room.

Platform bed house

It is the best toddler floor bed for the child to be able to crawl, climb and play freely without any risk of injury.

Bed house frame

Wooden floor bed frame allows you to create coziness in the room, outline the sleeping area and create an interesting design of the children's room without having to buy a new mattress when the child grows up a little.

Teepee floor toddler bed

An incredible playful and cozy atmosphere is created due to the tent bed. Our store offers several size options, and the upper bar allows you to fix decorative elements or lighting on it.

Home playroom or playpen

A versatile item for a child's room, as it is available in many sizes, including queen size. In such a floor bed, children feel comfortable, safe, and calm. Surrounding rails will help babies to stand up independently, and prevent them from rolling out.

Floor teen bed frame in full and queen size

The high-quality Montessori floor bed frame made of natural wood will last for years and will allow even teenagers to use the bed.

Crib floor beds for girls and boys

For the smallest ones, we created comfortable, and cozy cribs, so that children are comfortable and convenient from the first months of life. The earlier Montessori approaches are integrated into the child's life, the more impressive the results. You can come to this philosophy with a crib and move on.

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