Nursery Furniture

Nursery Furniture

Nursery furniture sets are things that help organize a practical and functional space in which a child can develop his abilities at a pace convenient for him. Following the approaches of Dr. Montessori, this furniture becomes a support for the child's confidence, autonomy, and a stimulus for new research and cognitive activities.

What is nursery furniture?

Nursery furniture refers to furniture designed specifically for use in a baby's room or nursery. This can include a variety of items, such as a wooden chair, or learning table, and storage solutions such as a wardrobe, kids' bookcase, or house for tomorrow's clothes. 

All these things are created from natural wood and are handmade with love for children and the idea that they can be a great starting point for developing the natural abilities that every child has. Everyone has their own talent. With baby furniture sets, you will be able to notice and help the child to show his abilities. This is the basis of early development, which is manifested in various aspects: speech, creativity, practical activities, motor skills, etc.

Who does nursery furniture fit the best?

These are products with which the child gradually, step by step, becomes more independent and learns to make decisions and take responsibility for them even without parental control. It is also a great way to give your child certain responsibilities:

  • Prepare clothes for tomorrow and hang them on hangers to spend less time in the morning.
  • Stack books, toys, or art supplies to keep the room tidy and find the items you need more quickly when you need them again.
  • Maintain order at the workplace, in particular at your own desk.
  • Learning to care for others, even if it is just a doll sleeping in a separate crib that resembles the one in which the child himself sleeps.

Why is it worth using nursery sets?

Baby nursery furniture includes all the essential furniture pieces the kid may need. Using nursery sets is extremely convenient because you don't have to search for individual pieces that match. At the same time, all items are made in the same style and have a size that allows all the necessary things to be at the child’s height. Also, they perfectly combine with each other and complement each other in terms of functionality. At the same time, purchasing baby furniture can be a cost-effective option compared to buying each piece of furniture separately.

All items, including baby crib sets, meet the highest quality standards and recommendations of pediatricians. Each crib bed set is safe and suitable for use in a baby's room. So parents can feel confident that they are providing a safe and secure environment for their baby.

Thus, nursery sets can offer convenience, cost-effectiveness, safety, and a coordinated look, making them a worthwhile option for many parents setting up a nursery.

How to arrange the room with nursery furniture sets?

Most likely, you will not have any problems with how to organize the space of the children's room, taking into account the presence of additional elements in it. All sets correspond to the Montessori approach; that is, they have a height at the level of the child's growth, and they are safe, functional, and practical.

You can choose any place in the room to install such furniture. Moreover, they are perfectly combined with each other, so you can select a ready-made set or only individual items that your baby needs.

Make sure that all the things you pick for the children's room are necessary and do not clutter the space. If the room is quite small, focus on those items that take up a minimum of space and perform several functions at once. For example, a desk with shelves for books or toys is both a workplace and a space for storing the most necessary things. Similarly, a bookshelf in the form of a house is ready to serve as a dollhouse during the day and to become a shelter for toys and books in the evening.

You have to consider the expediency, practicality, and appropriateness of the furniture to the child's age. Do not rush to buy everything at once: follow kid’s preferences and needs and follow them. Your parenting experience is the best guide on what to buy, when, and how to arrange everything in the room so that the child is comfortable, safe, and interested in using every element that they encounter in their environment.

Best options

Our shop offers interesting options of crib furniture sets. The nursery furniture collection includes:

  • Rack for clothes in 7 colors
  • Houses for books and for tomorrow's clothes
  • Kid's wardrobe in 3 sizes
  • House learning table with or without shelves
  • Hand made wooden doll bed
  • Wood chair
You can choose both a whole nursery bed set or separate items from it, which are necessary for arranging a wonderful room for the baby.
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