Montessori Bed with Rails

Montessori Bed with Rails

Montessori beds with rails are designed to provide a safe place for every child to hang out, play, and sleep. By keeping the bed so low to the floor, you're allowing your kid to discover their environment with no restrictions. 

What is a Montessori bed with rails?

Unlike a traditional crib or toddler bed, the Montessori bed with rails is usually lower to the floor, so the child can get in and out of bed freely and easily. It also typically features rails on one or more sides to prevent the child from falling out of bed. In keeping with the Montessori philosophy of providing children with a calm, uncluttered environment, the Montessori bed with rails is made of wood and has a simple, minimalist design. The rails are removable, which allows the child to transition to a regular bed when they are ready.

Bed with rails key features

The full-size Montessori floor bed with rails is a safe and comfortable space to roam, sleep and discover as it helps to avoid the risk of any nasty falls, bumps, and other nighttime adventurers. 

  • Bed rails come in different lengths, ranging from a few feet to the full length of the bed.
  • The floor beds in our shop are hand-crafted wooden products with strong frames and non-toxic finish materials.
  • There are different bed sizes, from minimalistic ones up to twin Montessori floor beds with rails.
  • Bed rails typically have a weight capacity that indicates the maximum weight they can support. Floor beds in our shop with rails can withstand the weight even more than indicated.

What ages do Montessori floor beds suit best?

It’s the perfect time to use a floor bed with rails when babies are ready for a toddler bed, or even when they begin to crawl. Most recommendations determine the best age for moving to a floor bed with rails, starting from five to ten months. Others suggest the floor bed is suitable for children when they are between 1-3 y.o.

Main advantages of the Montessori floor bed with rails

Floor beds with rails offer a lot of benefits for both parents and children, including:

Freedom to move

There is a lot of free space in the Montessori floor bed with rails twin size, so it is easy for toddlers to move about their surroundings as they please, and to discover the surrounding space. As well as this, floor beds help children's gross motor skills, and enhance awareness of their bodies within space.

Rails don’t interfere with seeing the whole room

Toddlers feel safer when they can see the whole room. Also, the observations at an earlier age encourage babies’ sense of curiosity.

It helps a child to be more autonomous

Kids don’t need to wait for their parents to pick them up from their crib when they wake up. Toddlers get the independence to get up and start a day when they want. 

How to arrange the floor bed with rails in the toddler’s room?

Arranging a floor bed with rails in a toddler's room is a way to provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your child. Here are some steps to help you set it up:

  • Choose the right size and style.
  • Place it in a safe location, away from any hazards, such as windows or sharp edges.
  • Clear the area around the bed of any objects that could be tripped over or pose a danger to your child.
  • Place an area rug next to the bed.

What is the best Montessori bed with rails?

The best options include regular wooden floor beds, as well as ones with rails and legs, and house-shaped or teepee options. Select the option in our shop that best suits the size of the room, style, and personal preferences. Our masters are ready to take care of your kid's healthy sleep, while you make every effort to raise them and develop their independence.

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