Ecological and reliable cots: a responsible choice for your baby

Ecological and reliable cots: a responsible choice for your baby

Children require more sleep than adults, especially infants. That's why a child's bed must be not only beautiful and stylish but also eco-friendly and safe. You can ensure the quality and safety of the product by verifying that the manufacturer has certified production and uses only natural materials, high-quality paints, and non-allergenic varnishes. However, the topic of safety and reliability of a children's bed extends beyond what may initially seem obvious. Let's explore all aspects of this matter. This material is created to help you navigate through the variety of options and choose a bed that will not only be harmless to your child but also provide them with a healthy and comfortable sleep.

The most common types of children's beds: everything you need to know.

In the search for the perfect bed for your little one, you will likely come across various options. However, each model has its own features that may be well-suited for certain children but not necessary for others, so let's delve deeper.

Slide beds

Slide beds are an exciting and functional option that combines a bed with a slide. They usually have a safe design with handrails and reliable slides, allowing the child to sleep, play, and develop. This is an ideal choice for active children who love adventure and movement.

Convertible beds

Convertible beds are a versatile option that grows with your child. They typically start as cribs or small infant beds and can be transformed into beds for older children. This ensures the longevity of use and allows adaptation to your child's changing needs.

Wooden beds

With their simplicity and timeless design, classic wooden beds are the perfect choice when you're unsure which option to prefer. They have a sturdy construction, reliable assembly, and a minimalist aesthetic, making them suitable for any room style.

Cradle beds

These models are designed to provide comfort and coziness for infants (and their parents). The structure can be stationary or rocking with a rocker or hinged legs. The gentle rocking motion helps soothe the baby and facilitates faster sleep.

Children's beds from top global brands

Here are a few brands that offer children's beds, prioritizing quality, safety, ecological sustainability, and functionality in each model.


The two most popular models from this brand are Sleepi and Home. These models can adjust their size and transform, allowing the bed to be used for an extended period.


This brand is known for stylish and modern children's beds, including models such as Alma Mini and Luxo Sleep. Their compact design makes them convenient to place in any room. Bloom strives for ecological sustainability by using only safe materials and production processes.


IKEA offers an extensive range of beds at affordable prices. Most of their children's models are designed for safe use by preschoolers and children up to 14 years old. They also have interesting and stylish crib options where babies can sleep soundly throughout the night.


Busywood beds are made from natural alder or beech wood, adhering to all quality standards and international requirements for children's products. Inspired by the Montessori philosophy, the design provides maximum space for free play, exploration, and development. The models are specifically developed for different age groups, and the selection is so diverse that there is a model to suit any style or room size.

How to determine the safety and reliability of a child's bed at the time of purchase?

To ensure the quality of the product even before making the purchase, follow these guidelines:

  • Whenever possible, inspect the product in the store. Ensure the materials used in the production are ecological, high-quality, reliable, and safe.
  • Don't hesitate to inquire about the certifications. Some of the most well-known international certifications include ASTM F1169 (for the US), EN 716 (for Europe), and AS/NZS 2172 (for Australia and New Zealand). These certifications guarantee that the bed has undergone thorough testing and meets safety standards.
  • Take the time to read reviews not only on the official website but also on independent platforms like Google Maps.
  • Ensure the bed's design does not have sharp edges or protruding parts that may harm the child. The bed must be stable and resistant to tipping or movement during the child's active moments.

Key considerations when choosing a child's bed

The choice of a bed for a child depends on their age and developmental characteristics. Furthermore, different models' designs and functional features are tailored to specific age groups.

  1. Cribs for infants feature guardrails that protect the baby from falls. They can be placed directly on the floor, on low legs, or have an adjustable mattress height.
  2. Toddler beds have larger dimensions and additional functionality. They may have guardrails for children to hold onto, extra shelves for small items, and more. These beds often have adjustable lengths to accommodate the child's growing needs.
  3. Junior beds for young adolescents offer interesting design options, such as loft beds, house-shaped beds, bunk beds, and more. They can be single or king-sized, with sturdy guardrails, shelves, and other features.

Other factors to consider when choosing a child's bed

  • Room size and available space. Choose a bed that does not overwhelm the entire room, leaving enough space for free movement or active play.
  • Style and visual accents. The most successful beds are those with a versatile design that can easily adapt to the child's changing preferences. However, you can still add visual accents through additional accessories or opt for a stylish and colorful bed because childhood is a unique time, and it should be happy.
  • Functionality and convenience. Pay attention to whether the side rails can be removed as needed and whether additional features, such as storage shelves or exercise rails, exist. All these aspects will be useful in the future.

Proper care for the bed

The most important rule is to repair or replace any cracked, chipped, or loose elements as soon as you notice them. For cleaning, use a soft damp cloth or fabric. You can moisten it with soapy water. However, water-based paint or varnish loses its qualities when exposed to aggressive chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents, so it's better not to use such agents for bed care. If you need to disinfect the bed, it's best to use special antiseptic solutions found at a pharmacy.


Pay attention to a range of criteria to ensure that the bed becomes a place of comfort and tranquility where your child can rest and have the best dreams. Considering these factors, you can choose a bed that meets your child's interests while ensuring its safety and reliability.


What are the advantages of eco-friendly children's beds compared to traditional options?

Natural and eco-friendly materials do not release toxins and other harmful substances immediately after purchase or during prolonged use. It helps protect the child's health, particularly from allergic reactions.

How to choose a bed for a child, suitable for different age groups?

Pay attention to the size and type of bed, as this will help you find the best solution for a child of a specific age. Choose not only stylish but also practical options that have adjustable length, a sturdy base, and removable guardrails that you can remove as your child grows, providing them with more space without replacing the entire bed.

What materials are used in reliable and safe children's beds?

The safest bed options are made of alder or beech wood, using plywood for side rails or slatted systems. Only hypoallergenic varnishes or water-based paints that do not release hazardous volatile compounds should be used to coat the surface.

What practical tips can you provide for caring for and ensuring the longevity of children's beds?

Regularly check the condition and stability of the bed's fittings. Follow the assembly and usage instructions. Maintain cleanliness by wiping away dust and avoiding abrasive cleaning agents. Additionally, consider the maximum weight and recommended age for using the bed to ensure its longevity.


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